Accessing Resources

You administrator has already configure what resources that you can access. After you log in, you click the appropriate resource and Access Manager automatically authenticates you to the resource.

There is one exception. Access Manager can store your credentials for many different sites and online applications that your administrator has defined. If you click on one of those icons, the following happens:

  1. The first time you click a specific appmark you are prompted to install a plug-in or Add-on depending on your browser type.

  2. You might have to restart the browser at this point.

  3. After you install the plug-in or Add-on, you click the appmark a second time and you are redirected to the application or website.

  4. Submit your credentials for the application or website as you normally do.

  5. The plug-in or Add-on prompts you to save your credentials for the application or website.

  6. If you say Yes, Access Manager securely stores your credentials.

  7. The next time you click the appmark to access the resource, you are automatically logged in to the application or website.

If you ever change your credentials for the application or website, when you login with the new credential, it fails. You must enter the updated credentials again. After you have entered the new credentials, Access Manager stores the new credentials in the system and automatically logs you in to the application or website during subsequent login attempts.

If the failed login errors appears or any other error appears, you must clear the credentials for the application or website in the User Portal.

To clear your single sign-on credentials:

  1. Log in to the User Portal page.

  2. Click your name in the upper right corner.

  3. Click Clear Single Sign-on Credentials.

  4. Click the application or website where the errors occur, then click Yes.

  5. Close this page, then click the appmark again to enter your credentials.

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